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Lisette Lucas

Succes Medium / Intuïtief Transformatie Therapeut / RTT Hypno-Therapeut  / Energy Healer / Tutor

The thriving force behind EnergyJoy


I feel blesssed! 

Blessed to develop and share my mediumistic abilities. Sharing and expressing the emotion and love of a passed loved one in Spirit is a beautiful, intense and impressive experience. It's hard to put into words....love never dies! Love is continuous beyond every border of existence. You sense that into every fiber of your being. 




AboutLisette Lucas

Ever since she was a young girl, Lisette has always been sensitive to energies. Predictive dreams, unexplainable observations and sensations, unconsciously taking over sensations, emotions, tiredness and pain from other people. Knowing what was going on with other people. And always experiencing an unseen precense around her. That made her really scared and confused, especially in her younger years, growing up in a "non-believer family".

For many years she tried to block her 6th sense. Fought against this high-sensitivity that made functioning, in the often, harsh society not easy. 


Until the moment she could feel the upcoming ear infection, from one of her 3 little babies, days before it revealed itself. It kept repeating and manifesting itself through her own physical body. 

From that moment her curiosity took over. Lisette started to learn about energies, healing and mediumship. 

Slowly things started to fall into place. The burden of the high-sensitivity became a quality. A quality, which she developed through years of training and courses at mediumistic level and healing. 

The development is a lifelong unfolding proces. The mediumistic and psychic abilities become more powerful each day as well as the healing capacities. 


Lisette is immensely grateful that she is able to experience this extraordinary and special development. It's feels like an intense deep longing, task and mission to help, guide and support others on their journey. 

To guide people closer to their true Self and their loved ones in the Spirit World. 

Not an easy but very humble and grateful path. 

She is looking forward to meeting you. Love for everything and everyone is her thriving force.  

- Lisette Lucas


The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, UK

Supporting and guiding someone else with the use of my sensitivity, if you would have told me that years ago.... No, I wouldn't have believed you. Once a burden, now a blessing!

- Lisette Lucas



Education, Training & Development


Whoever you are rich or poor, young or old, you and your soul are experiencing life as it should be. It is what you do with that experience that counts. You will discard your body but your soul, spirit and mind will continue, it will not matter then whether you were young or old, rich or poor. You will be measured by your management and reaction to your experiences when on the earth.



- Mavis Pittila

'Love like life can never die!'

Lisette has been developing her mediumistic, intuitive and spiritual healing gifts for many years. Training mediumship national and international according to the English method. 

3 Years at the Academy of Mediumship in Naarden(NL) with medium, *AFC tutor and course organiser José Gosschalk. Weekly mediumship-training with Scottish medium, *AFC tutor and course organiser John Johnson in Delft (NL). And on a yearly base at the worldwide acknowledged Arthur Findlay College (*AFC) in Stansted, United Kingdom. 

Mentor Mavis Pittilla

After finishing the 1st mentorship programme with the world renowned Brittish medium Mavis Pittilla in Ashford, Kent, Lisette also joined and graduated from the special Advanced Mentorship programme with Mavis in Manchester, UK. 

Lisette continues to train and develop her mediumistic skills under the watchful eye of her mentor Mavis Pittilla and her partner Jean Else. 

Lisette is training in Stafford, UK, with medium and AFC tutor Andy Byng. She works in Spiritualist *SNU Churches to get her CSNU certificates.

(*Spiritualist National Union)

Also is she continuously developing her energetic healing skills according to Eastern methods.

And Lisette is a qualified hypnotherapist.

So she can heal the mental as well as the energetic body. Lisette has developed many facets so that she can guide and help as many clients.  A powerful and unique combination of skills. 

Lisette: ' I owe so much to my spiritual teachers and mentors at mediumistic, spiritual and intuitive level: Mavis Pittilla, John Johnson, José Gosschalk, Tony Stockwell, Paul Jacobs, Janet Parker, Brian Robertson, Marion Berndsen and Andy Byng.

Grateful for all the patience, passion and drive for passing on their knowledge and gifts.

The development is a lifelong proces. I'm looking forward to the proces and the growth at spiritual, mental, emotional and intuitive level."


Why EnergyJoy?

EnergyJoy = energy that makes you happy! That's the core of existence. Being happy, feeling happy. Once you feel happy and loved, you fill you body with positive energy and you can conquer the world. 

Unfortunately we all go through situations and circumstances in life, and it isn't always easy to remain happy and positive. 

That's where EnergyJoy comes in! 

We help and guide you with your own Souls energy and universal energy.

In a way that makes you feel better. So you can shine, smile and feel happy again.

Feel Energy, Feel Joy!

Erkend Complementair Aanvullend Therapeut

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